I'm trying to ID the silver/gray paint code used on the center and rim of the CSK wheel. The CSK was a UK-only trim level (CSK = Charles Spencer King) but the wheels were used on a similar NAS model - the 1993 County Sable Edition. (Rangerovers.net: There were approx. 200 made with Beluga Black paint, Unique Black Accent CSK Wheels and Dark Sable Connolly Leather Seats and Trim).

Below is a photo of the wheel.

Two of the wheels are fantastic, ready to roll. The other two have a little wheel-lip curb-rash I'd like to touch-up. It's a nice clean color and much different form the Silver Sparkle D1/late-RRC colors I've seen, and I cannot find any reference to the paint used on this wheel?!

Anyone know of a RRC wheel paint code listing, maybe showing the UK CSK wheel?