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    Default 1992 Hunter

    Just purchased a 1992 Hunter in Portofino Red.

    Les, in my searching I found that you own or owned a 1992 Hunter. Initially, I had read that there were 405 of them made in 1989 and 1991. I thought maybe this one was a left over from the '91 model year. But it is definitely a '92 on the emissions sticker. The VIN has the '92 letters in it also. (NA610227) I also read somewhere that the fist 1992 unit was NA610297. So, were they also offered in '92? Just looking for a little more history on the Hunter.

    It is absolutely a Hunter. Cloth, manual seats. No ABS. No sway bars. No wood on dash. No leather on steering wheel. Has the dog guard. Full silver wheels. It does have the optional sunroof.

    Do you have any pictures of yours?

    Thanks for any info you have!!

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