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Thread: SOLD: 2002 Land Rover Discovery II SE Black for parts/repair

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    Default SOLD: 2002 Land Rover Discovery II SE Black for parts/repair



    It was fun while it lasted and I'd keep it if I had a place to work on it, but a recent move left me with only on-street parking, so my 2002 Land Rover Discovery II SE (black) is for sale I'm asking $1500 (basically $800 for the vehicle and $700 for the new spare parts & extra rims that are included), but I'm open to any reasonable offer.

    The bad (none of this should be a surprise for this vehicle & age, esp. in New England):

    • 120k miles
    • Exhaust gasses leaking into coolant, hopefully just a head gasket starting to leak (hasn't overheated, but is causing very slow coolant leak from the higher pressure in the coolant system; i'm hoping head gasket leak caused by misfiring cylinder #5 which was fixed by replacing ignition coil)
    • Clogged PCV system, causing significant oil leaks from valve covers and a couple other spots
    • A leak in the power steering system (not losing fluid, but it bubbles in the tank)
    • Frame rust (no holes, but expect to patch soon if you buy to repair; was a NY, ME, VT vehicle and I bought it last year with little rust, but didn't get it undercoated as I had intended to POR-15 it, but am shocked by how much it rusted in one year)
    • Rust starting of bulkhead/firewall, where mud flap brackets mount in wheel wells, and paint bubbling in rear-left door/fender
    • Front right ABS sensor throwing codes (PO had poorly patched wiring, which I clipped to replace sensor and discovered corrosion in the wheel hub)
    • Damage to front-right bumper plastic, indicator replaced, fender/wing straightened, pain scraped down right-side)
    • Rust starting on rear door uppers (window frames on the door itself)
    • One rust bubble on the roof
    • Spare tire mount rusted & cracked
    • Rear door needs re-alignment to seal correctly (can leak a little)
    • Battery needs to be replaced (it froze this past winter)
    • Only one key and the fob plastic/buttons are falling apart (needs a new case)
    • Brake backing plates rusted and cracked
    • Sagging headliner & broken front sunroof shades
    • Transfer case shifter was seized (mostly freed, but needs solonoid to detect when low-range is engaged and still stiff)

    The good:

    • All electrics in good working order (incl. heated windshield, heated seats, climate control, factory radio [though removed], door locks, window regulators, etc.)
    • Both sunroofs work and don't leak
    • All glass is in good condition
    • Seats in good condition (only minor wear on drivers seat, but no real tearing)
    • Carpeting is decent
    • Door cards & rear storage bins are decent
    • Manuals included
    • Heavy-duty rear bumper with shackles (some surface rust, but easily restorable)
    • All headlight/indicator/taillights in working order & no cracks (new Sylvania super bright headlamp bulbs)
    • Both fog lamps included (though the driver's side is not installed due to broken bumper)
    • New genuine spark plug wires
    • One new Bosch ignition coil installed, plus a 2nd new Bosch coil as a spare
    • A set of new Bosch platinum spark plugs ready to install (actually, one installed)
    • One new genuine front wheel hub w/ABS sensor included (originally intended to replace front-right wheel hub)
    • One new ProLine front ABS sensor (plus used connector clipped from a donor vehicle to fix PO's poor wiring)
    • New genuine front-right bumper bracket & some screws (for fixing bumper, as I had someone offer me a good bumper plastic which I never got)
    • Set of four ProLine (pretty sure they're actually YRM) galvanized mud shield brackets (to replace the rusted ones... the mud flaps are still there too)
    • 2" tow hitch receiver w/wiring (like the rear bumper, has surface rust and could be easily restored)
    • Set of 5 genuine 18" 6-spoke Land Rover allow rims in _very good_ condition (no curb rash or scratches, though two have marks where weights were previously mounted... tires should be replaced)
    • Set of 5 16"x8 steel rims (one still new in box) with 4 good studded Hakkepliita snow tires mounted (one season use)
    • New oil sump/pan gasket (ready to install)

    Despite the "bad" list above, it fires up with a jump start and drives & stops, but while it's registered & insured, it's not inspected. I wouldn't drive it far at the risk of blowing the leaking head gasket.

    I'd suggest buying it for parts. That said, if you had a place to work on it and othe motivation, you could do the headgaskets (assuming that tearing it open doesn't reveal a leaking cylinder sleeve) & seals & PCV, install the new front wheel hub & ABS sensor, and POR-15 the frame (maybe patch a couple minor spots, if needed), then it could continue to be driven, but that's a lot of work.

    Again, $1500 or make an offer for Disco & all the extras, or we can make a deal for just the Disco if you want it for parts. As with any Land Rover, I'm not going to come close to recouping my costs and this isn't worth much, but I'd be happy to see it go to a good Land Rover enthusiast home (to be resuscitated or keep another Rover on the road).
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