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Thread: Power Windows Stopped Working On My 1996 Discovery

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    Default Power Windows Stopped Working On My 1996 Discovery

    All of the power windows on my 1996 Discovery have stopped working. I used a multi meter to test the switches and fuses and they are good. I used the multi meter to test for voltage coming to the switches and found no voltage coming to the switches.

    One of the windows is currently open and I'm looking for a way to close it.

    Also is there anything else to this circuit that may have gone bad, that would cause all the windows to stop working?

    Please provide any information that might help me resolve this issue.


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    Check the MFU (multi-function unit)behind(yes, behind)the drivers side fuse panel. This happened on my '95 R.R.C., and I think they are the same set up (I Think...). Mine had corrosion and loose solder joints, cleaned and re-soldered it was a successful repair. These were later called BCU's (body control units). If you have to get that window up, take off the door panel and disconnect the window motor plug, then jump the motor side with a known good 12v source. This should show if the motor is good and lift the window into place. ****OK, scratch that, there is an actual window ECU behind the glove box on Discoverys. These have the same problems noted for the MFU.**** Get a copy of the 'RAVE Manual' that's free on line, it should be a great help in trouble shooting and repairs. And... Check YouTube, Land Rover Window ECU Repair.
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