Hello all:

I am new to this forum. I have a 99 D1, which I have had since new. The other day, it decided not to start at the store. It cranks fine, starter and battery are both about one year old, and very good.

I have been testing all kinds of things, but basically, it has no fuel at the test port. Fuses are good, but I don't seem to be getting any power at the pump. I have some info I need to double check some things there:
There are two plugs on the pump: One had three wires, one has four. The four wire plug has two black wires (one is heavier than the other), a green and a white/purple one.
Can anyone tell me which ones should light up a circuit tester when I cycle the key to the ON position?

I am always in the position of doubting my tools as well as testing the vehicle.

This thing ran great until about a week ago, when it threw some codes relating to a misfire in cyl2. I cleared them using a laptop based OBDII system from Ross Tech, which was originally used for VAG COM (VW). It has an OBDII only choice. Once I cleared the codes, everything was fine for a few days. Then this issue. Now, no OBDII reader seems to be able to link properly.

Other things:
When I turn the key to the on position, I have two relays which click rapid fire, and don't stop: One is behind the glove box. It is yellow, and is next to a green one, and the other is the evap canister purge valve.

After this happened, I also changed my plugs and wires, which I had been planning to do anyway. I also don't seem to be getting spark. I am using the #2 cyl plug to test that.

That is all I know for now. Anyone have any ideas? This is my daily driver, and right now I am being held hostage by it.

Thanks in advance!

Bill Brock