2006 LR3

I got stuck in the mud this weekend. I finally winched my way out. But after I got out my compressor will not come on and I get the message “suspension will raise when the system is cooled”. No faults. This happens from a cold start. I looked at the compressor. The temp sensor seemed like it got a bit wet but I don’t see any exposed wire.

I just replaced the compressor in Dec. even if I had a leak somewhere would it still die that quick? Am I missing something?

I jumped it and it does come on.

I do do think I am gettin some water into the passenger foot well from a cracked roof drain. But it doesn’t seem corelary to the fact that this started after I got stuck.

I had my guy try to reset it and it didn’t do anything. Seems to pout to a mechanical failure.

The compressor is a Dunlop hitachi style.