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Thread: Replacement Body Control Unit / Body Control Module / BCU / BCM

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    Default Replacement Body Control Unit / Body Control Module / BCU / BCM

    Please move this post if there is an existing thread I could not find.

    ABS stopped working on my 1995 NAS Discovery and the repair shop says the Body Control Module needs to be replaced for about $3k.

    Is there somewhere I can get one secondhand? I understand there may be a specific removal and programming process that is required as described in the following link:

    Rovers North kindly recommended Gold Wing Rover and I will try them next week when they re-open, but thought this board might have some ideas too.

    Thanks in advance

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    $3K seems extremely high, are you sure the shop you're using knows what it's doing? If possible get a second opinion, it may not even be the MFU. On the older Land Rovers this item is called a "Multi Function Unit". [I like Gold Wing Rovers, I've used them several times for DII parts.] Oh, and DI's don't need the reprogramming (if I remember rightly), it's totally different from the DII's "Body Control Unit".

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