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Thread: '95 disco 1 3.9l fuel and spark no start...

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    Default '95 disco 1 3.9l fuel and spark no start...

    Hi folks, newbie to the LR world. i have a US '95 dicso 1, 3.9 liter auto. i have several issues but first i need to get it to start. It will start with starting fluid but dies immediately with no spray. cranks great, fuel pressure is 37psi at the rail, spark is weak but present. i dont see a crank or cam position sensor. im new to forums as well and not great at navigating them but ive looked all over and i dont see anything, usually i can figure stuff out on my own but im at loss on this one. the ECM has to fire the injectors and i cant seem to find out how it gets the reading to do it. any help greatly appreciated even just a recommended next step. thanks for your time.

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    You should have and old fashion distributor. If so, it could be your ignition coil or ignition module. The injectors get their signal from the coil, if I remember right it's a white/black wire. I always recommend getting a copy of the Land Rover "RAVE" Repair Manual on-line, all the electrical and mechanical info you could want (and it's free...).

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    Awesome. There's a crazy disconnected wire/s ....with two resistors that aren't even hooked up. I'll check the diagram n check their resistance. Thank you!

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