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    Actively looking for a good condition daily driver type rig that I can drive and putter on. I don’t need a show truck (nor does my budget allow for one!) but would like it to be mechanically all there and cosmetically at least ‘decent’. Would like an 88” and my preference is SII or IIA with inner lights, but I’ve seen some really nice SIII that I would consider. Really interested in the history of the vehicle and service and info too. Ballpark budget $10-15k. I’m hoping someone has just the rover that may need a new home but might not be listed. I’m getting nowhere scouring Craigslist, LRX and the for sale forums. Located in NH. Thanks for reading!
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    I have a 109 that is quite butchered with a Chevy straight 6 that might fit the bill if you are okay with the idea of driving a rolling restoration. I'm not nailed down on a price yet but I am thinking sub $10k for sure. I don't have pictures as of yet. It is in my storage yard so I need to get myself over there and get some pictures.

    If interested, email me at

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