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Thread: Land Rover 1986 110 (County Restore)

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    Default Land Rover 1986 110 (County Restore)

    I am noticing in some photos, rivets remain unpainted and some are. I understand the mid section rivets are not usually painted, but what about the remaining rivets towards the back? I am in the process of restoring my LR 86 110 and would like to keep it as original as possible... Does anyone know if rivets were painted from the factory? I will be ripping those rims off and painting it an original County Style green with white top.

    Thanks guys, I appreciate any advice/ help I can get!!!

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    I had a 1988 OneTen CSW in cream before full restoration in 2010. Rivets were painted from factory. I have a defender 200tdi engine available (and stripped HD bulkhead) if interested. I am just about to list both here. Good luck with the project!

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