I have a RRC shop manual that shows how to replace the Kickdown Cable. Removing the part with 13 torx screws was a pain with 3 of them "rounded". The linkage looked similar to the SM but the rest did not match i.e. the shift cable area looked a lot different but I reinstalled everything as best I could. I refilled the transmission and it started leaking immediately - took the pan off and found an eighth inch "crack" close to the drain plug (can only assume I had scrubbed off some patch material when cleaning). Took it to a welder with aluminum welding capability who fixed while I waited for $12 - sometimes you get lucky. Prior to doing all this stuff, I had rolled the car into position. Now, after putting the transmission back the way it was, or so I thought, the car will not roll. It acts as if it is in gear. The transfer box only goes from H to N to L and does not seem to be the problem. The drum hand brake is free. The auto shifter is currently "free" awaiting the Tomcat flooring being riveted in place. It is hard to move the auto shifter, but I assume it is still in the N position since I have not changed it since rolling it into place. My fear is that my reassembly somehow caused this issue. Does anyone have a picture of the underside of the transmission with the 13 torx piece removed and/or instructions for reassembling it. This Tomcat build is becoming a life long endeavor but so much fun. I am glad I am retired and still hope to have the thing "street legal" by my 75 birthday this July 31st.