Greetings. Am installing a 19J from a Defender 90 into a Santana Ligero and ran into an issue that precludes use of the turbo. It's now a 12J but have a question as to what to do with the boost hose from the fuel distributor to the turbo... cap it, route it ?, etc. As the turbo is no longer there I assume I can just cap it and it's null BUT... can't be sure as I have no history with LR turbos.
I'm rebuilding the original 2.25D but bought the 19J to use in the meantime so am not looking for any mods that preclude going back to the original 2.25. Yep, I know...l both are less than desirable power plants but the Ligero isn't an easy rig to swap engines to/from. The turbo on the 19J fouls the upper steering arm. Will look at mod there at a later date.
Any advice is appreciated.