Okay, was out driving my 1980 2.5NA powered rig with 4 speed box and overdrive. Going up a hill at 50 mph and without warning lost all forward motion. Engine runs fine and transmission goes into gear. Clutch feels normal and if let out with the truck in gear there's a tone change but no movement. The vehicle has a new clutch and pressure plate with a new throw-out bearing installed less than 100 miles ago. The driveline looks okay i.e. no broken u joints, etc. I think the emergency/parking brake no longer holds the vehicle. I also noticed a pool of fluid under the mid point of the vehicle prior to leaving but thought it was left over from my tractor. Am still no sure it belongs to the LR.
So, again, the engine runs fine and the transmission shifts through the gears. The clutch feels normal with pressure. I haven't tried any 4 low/4 high settings nor the lock outs. Any ideas? I assume that if the slave cylinder fails then the clutch is engaged.
What scenario allows for the transmission to shift and the clutch to retain pressure but no drivetrain movement, especially with a new clutch disk and pressure plate?
Thanks in advance.