Hi folks, I currently own a '68 IIA. I am considering adding a RRC to my collection. This RRC LWB is for sale near me:

Known issues:
A/C compressor is not hooked up
ABS issues (owner has replacement ABS ECU)
Power seats don't work
Owner says he has noticed some trans slipping on long highway trips

I assume the cut bundle of hoses and disconnected wiring connector in the picture under the truck is from the old EAS that has been removed. Is this correct?
Don't know if the viscous coupling is seized. I plan to check, if I go look at it.
What are other common issues I should check for?

The questions I'm looking to answer are: 1) What do you think a fair price is? I think the asking price of $8.5K is too high. I'm thinking $5K range is about fair for this condition. 2) Are any of the known issues deal breakers? I know power seat ECUs can be had for about $500. Not sure what it will take to fix the ABS. Having a replacement ECU sounds like a good start, but I'm not sure if that will fix the issue. I have no idea on the A/C. I'm guessing that will be at least $2K to get going and is probably out of my wheelhouse to do myself. The trans issues doesn't scare me too much.

I appreciate your input. Thanks.