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Thread: Robert Davis GM 2.5L Conversion

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    Default Robert Davis GM 2.5L Conversion

    Does anyone know if these are still being made? I'm in the need of a new engine (very long story), and I thought I'd go this route for a little extra horsepower and access to parts.


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    I had one of the first of these Robert did in a 2A ambulance with the original body, and it changed that very heavy vehicle from a dog into a 70 MPH highway and hill capable truck. I was very happy with it, but I sold it to cut down the number of cars I had. It is now sitting very forlorn and neglected looking in a yard in Topsham Maine. I think the non standard specification and parts used make the engine something that only an owner who understands mechanics and is a good DIY'er should consider.

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    Did you ever find out? In a similar spot now.
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    Pretty sure he's still doing them. Shoot him an email at

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    Not sure about what's up with Robert Davis these days, but I hear great things about him. FWIW, I have some interesting bell housing adaptors, SCOTTY's and Phillips engineering UK [both now out of business]. The Scotty's ones are for Chev 4,6 & 8-cylinder engines and the Phillips engineering ones are for adapting the Rover V8 engines. I have a complete Chev 4-litre engine with 3,5000 miles since brand new from General Motors, and a Rover V8 complete with a 5-speed Rover standard gearbox, currently in 1 of my NADA's and available for purchase. I also have an exceptional NADA project for sale that I'm offering with a very-nice-running 3 litre (THREE-litre) engine. 360-789-5070

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