I have been present for 20 or so distributor and rotor changes over my rover years and i have seen 3 or 4 that ran like hell because of a bad rotor. so this does not surprise me. how sweet it is .....

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Well I had all my repair manuals out and was starting my diagnosis. I went and got five fresh gallons of fuel and put them in the Rover. Before I did anything else I decided to replace the distributor rotor which I suspected needing to be replaced. As I said earlier it was a brand new Kragen replacement. Certain articles I read pointed to a high early failure rate on non Lucas rotors. So I put in the new Lucas rotor, turned the key and VROOOOOM. The motor came to life with unexpected quickness. I drove around for about 3 miles and it felt/drove great. It did seem to hesitate just a bit as I made it around the last turn in my neighborhood before parking it. I started it several times and each time it started up just fine. So other than the late hesitation things are looking up. Thanks for the pointers and advice. As I continue to drive it I will report if the hesitation continues.

Thanks Ryan