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Thread: 1967 NADA 109 wagon value?

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    Default 1967 NADA 109 wagon value?

    I have a 1967 Series 2A 109 wagon that my dad purchased new (it is one of the NADA 6 cylinder models). It's been sitting untouched for 20 years and my plan had been to restore it but I realize I am not going to get around to it. One of local fire captains has seen it sitting next to my shop and asked to buy it and I am inclined to sell it to him but have no idea on the value.
    It is complete but not running in a long time (generally really rough) and I suspect that everything would need to be refurbished and or replaced.

    Any idea on a price I should ask?

    Thanks for any help you can give me.


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    Hi Pete

    Can You post some pictures

    Location of truck

    I have 3 Nada myself

    Two run today One of these smokes. In Process of rebuiding new motor

    The one is a project truck

    josh T
    1967 Land Rover 109
    1966 Land Rover 109

    Joshua Tyler

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