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Thread: WTB: Series II / IIA. Budget $10k.

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    Default WTB: Series II / IIA. Budget $10k.

    Hi everyone.

    Cross-posting this from G&R. Please reach out if you have a lead.


    Looking for a driver's quality Series II /or IIa '88. Budget is about $10k.

    Wish list:
    - Original = better
    - Don't care if LHD or RHD, though a NADA truck would be cool..
    - Petrol 2.25, not interested in na/tdi conversions (though likely not in my budget anyways)
    - Preferably Marine Blue or just 'blue'. Preferably older paint. Don't really want a glossy paintjob.
    - Preferably pre-1968 'inner lights' but open to lights on the wings
    - Not egregiously rusty (such as needing a new frame / bulkhead to be a driver), simply because I don't have the skillset to repair this cost-effectively.
    - Hardtop would be a bonus, Tropical roof or a sunshield would be an extra bonus.

    I will consider anywhere in North America for the right truck. Located in NH.



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    Wondering if you found your Rover? I live in Maine and have a 71 hard top series Rover for sale. I can send pictures & info. if you're still looking.


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