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Thread: Hmmm, My 1967 Series IIA, or my wife...I知 thinking, I知 thinking

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    Default Hmmm, My 1967 Series IIA, or my wife...I知 thinking, I知 thinking

    Sold. Thank you all.

    She who must be obeyed has finally put her foot down. I love my IIA but she has an excellent point: I will never find the time to restore it to concours condition, let alone as pristine as I want. So I must regretfully part with this.

    First, the meat and potatoes: A 1967 IIA that spent what must be a huge part of its life as a farm vehicle. When I got it 10 years ago there was mid 35,774 on the clock. (From memory I think we busted 40 late last summer). I bought it from Trevor Griffiths at Rover Labs in the Hershey Pa. area who knew the owner. It basically went from town to farm and that was it. It was clean as can be expected for 45 years or so. Engine like a yoke of mules, suspension that would cause kidney stones but class up the wazoo.

    From his emails to me:

    *It's an 88" Station Wagon with liftgate/tailgate, petrol 2.25, no overdrive. Front seats are non-original, rear are Rovers North fold-away jump seats

    *I fitted a Pertronix electronic ignition, and just returned from a test drive. Overall, the Rover runs well, the engine is quiet and pulls strongly. The transmission shifts well, no balking, grinding, snicking or on/off throttle noises. The yellow knob engages and disengages correctly- not sure I mentioned this has Superwinch free wheeling front hubs. The brake pedal is firm, the car stops in a straight-ish line. What mean is that there isn't any pull from uneven brake pressure. The wipers do not park when turned off. There is an external rear work lamp that although the switch activates an on dash warning lamp, the light does not illuminate. The body is not perfect- it has character that indicates 40+ years of age, but in my opinion, it is extremely presentable. Admittedly that is hard to define, but it's not going to win any awards at the Pebble Beach Concours. It's solid, the doors open and close well, the rubber wiper strips on the sliding windows are failing but are still available. The rear seats have 3 point belts with retractors- a fairly modern addition. Engine temperature runs less than 1/2 way up the scale. If you were flying into Harrisburg International, I wouldn't have any qualms about picking you up in the Rover, filling the fuel tank and going for a 100 mile ride.

    For me this was strictly an enjoyment vehicle. Probably the first thing I did was remove the hard top and rack and the rear jump seats. (I have all and they come with the vehicle) I bought a hoop set and soft top and had a great time. I loved it. Kids loved it and older people who weren’t embarrassed about loving it loved it. Everyone got a ride.

    Now, having a two car garage and three family cars, and this, something has to give. My wife keeps me warm at night, this doesn’t.

    Upside first (of course): still an incredibly strong engine. You can hit 55mph on the Thruway although you might be passed by old ladies. But go through the stuff this is supposed to go through and you will pass them all. Four on the floor, high, low, Superwinch Freewheeling Hubs. I have the hard top, and the hoop set but the canvas ripped. It came with a bikini top but it’s funky and doesn’t fit great but its yours. Best part of the hard top is the rack. Wow, those must be expensive out in the world. Both windows although I take them out every summer. (I do not leave the truck outside so no rain issues) I have the two rear jump seats that match the shark's tooth front seats. Seat belts (?), the beyond cool water and gas cans on the front and of course the tire. Two jacks. Extra lamps up front and a spot for the rear. Winter grill cover. During a slow time a metal worker in my complex cut the diamond grate for the right side gas. The diamond plates on the fenders came with it as did those Jetson’s style front turn signals. Rubber mats and a gazillion fasteners and similar. All either came with the vehicle or from Rovers North. When I got it I had the frame sealed with some rust proof or another before picking it up. (More on that later) It passed NYS inspection perhaps two months ago.

    And that graphic painted on the doors. Not a decal. A painted signage.

    The downside? She is starting to show her age. Inside is faded. The front upholstery is all there but can use a retacking to the boards. The turn signal wiring cover has withered But the signal works. The gas gauge goes to half full and when it is half full it shows empty. Never bothered me because there is a second tank, and I have yet to actually need to throw the switch.

    The paint can use a good rubbing out. This has never been left outside at night but after a near decade it’s just plain dull matte. The “bumps” along the side are rivers under the aluminum. No holes and if there are any dents they do not come to mind.

    I can figure out how to post the video you will see there is no power steering, of course. I would say the most serious mechanical issue is the wiper motor. It used to take a while to get up to speed and then speed was slow. Now I don’t know if speed is much slower or it is seized.

    As you can hear in the video the tranny shifts fine, when I remember it is a Land Rover and not my MINI. I keep forgetting and try and speed shift and it doesn’t like this. But a nice, slow shift, let the engine slow and it shifts really very smoothly.

    Body wise I would say the most serious issue is the rear cross member. It was coated but it’s steel and it is rusting. The steel Jerry can holders have some rust starting near the bottom weld seam. The four mirrors need proper angling and the glass is cracked on one (but I have a replacement)

    Oh, and the hard top, rack and jump seats are in my warehouse in the next town, about 6 miles from here. See the triple picture. I also have the original purchase invoices (from Trevor, not LR) and receipts for work done and parts bought. At my warehouse as well.

    (I would like to apologize before hand though. While I have been driving this around town these past years I have forgotten a lot of the nomenclature. I might be calling a widget a thingie and I would be happy to entertain any specific questions. Just ask.)

    I see I’m allowed just 8 pictures to post but I’m happy to take additional pictures or videos, just ask. FYI picture number 1 is my truck and dog in Harriman Park and number 7 is when I bought it from Trevor. You are welcome to come see it in Rockland County, lower Hudson Valley NY any day but Saturdays. And unfortunately I am still shelter-in-place so if my wife is home I may not be able to share the test ride, much as I want to.

    Asking price? I knew you’d ask. Looking for $12 grand. She wants it out. And believe me, at this price the Rover is a lot less expensive than a years maintenance on my wife.
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