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Thread: WANTED: series 2a hardtop and side windows

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    Default WANTED: series 2a hardtop and side windows

    Hey Everyone! Iím new here and just picked up a 1969 Land Rover 88 2a Santana! Itís originally a soft top and was restored back in 2015. I really like the idea of being able to go from hard top to soft top since the winters are cooler. No snow or anything here just cooler. If anyone is doing a Conversion and has a hard top and window set up Iíd be very interested! Also advice on instal and any mods that Iíd have to do! Thanks for your time and any leads!

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    Where are you located? Shipping a top could be very expensive so it would be best to locate one nearby.


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    Thank you Bob, forgot to mention Iím in South Carolina just outside Savanna, GA. Here my email if anyone has something

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    Ideally looking for a tropical roof with windows and all. Probably a stretch in the states. Maybe thereís a chance! Thanks everyone

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    There was a standard top and a trop top for sale on the Guns and Rovers board. You could check there.


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    I have a Series III standard top. Sliding windows new as part of refurbishment (not to be confused with restored...). Small tear in headliner. Have all the fixings. Hardtop has not been on the vehicle since it was refurbished and rolls soft top. Garage (dehumidifier) kept.

    Located....wait for it...Charleston, SC.

    Message me if interested.

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    Did you ever find your safari top? I have one I would sell if you are still in need. I am in VA.

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