Hey all, I just got my first Land Rover, and I'm going to learn a lot on this thing. It's a 1959, and has been robbed of many parts, ridden hard and put away wet. I did manage to get it running by only cleaning things and changing fluids. I noticed right off that there was a golf tee stuck in an unused threaded port on the left side (exhaust side as opposed to engine side) of the carb. I then noticed that it pops and misfires a lot at higher rpm. The next thing I noticed was that there is a vacuum advance on the distro, with nothing going to it. The picture is becoming clear, the vacuum advance unit is disconnected and the necessary parts are missing from the carb. It's a Solex 40PA10-5. Does anyone know what part numbers I need to look for to complete the vacuum circuit from the carb to the vacuum advance unit? I need the banjo bolt or whatever it is that threads into the carb and all associated fittings, and the vacuum line that goes to the advance unit. Once I get that set up I can then determine if I need to replace the advance unit. This is just the beginning of a long saga. The last time this Rover saw the road appears to be 1980. It's got a rotted frame, broken springs, missing exhaust, mismatched tub, seatbox, wings, hood, top. The wiring harness is non existent, and where it does exist it's strictly in a green corroded form. I'm a mechanic by day, and feel comfortable tackling this, but there is a severe lack of LR specific info in my head. I'll get there, though.