My father, for whom this account is named and is located in NH, is looking to sell one of his Rovers, a Sankey trailer and some other related items as he is downsizing his collection.

The IIA was purchased back in the mid 90's with the hope of restoring it. However, for various reasons, it never happened. It has all original body parts but the interior is in rough shape. It has a Koenig winch and a Meyers plow that will be sold with it. The Rover was started last a few years ago and my dad plans to get in running before sale. This would be a good place to start for someone looking for a restoration candidate.

The 1968 Sankey 3/4 ton trailer was purchased here at Rovers North back in the 80's and was used along with my dad's 66 (Ex-NATO) IIA 88" for many years. He ended up picking up a different trailer with tailgate so he no longer has need for the Sankey. It is currently set up with 24V bulbs as that is what the above rover had for voltage but can changed back to 12V if needed. It is in good shape and has newer tires on it.

He has 5 brand-new (15"x8" wide) Jackman white-spoke Land Rover rims that were purchased when Jackman went out of business.

He also has an entire front differential that came off of a Rover that he scrapped a number of years ago.

Here is a link of some photos taken of the items for sale. Please disregard the first four photos as they show an older Ford pickup truck cap that he's also trying to sell. You'll need a Google account to view the photos as they are stored on Google Drive.

In terms of price, please message me and I can get you in touch with my dad.