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Thread: Trying to figure out hazard and indicator flashers

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    Default Trying to figure out hazard and indicator flashers

    My turn signs have been acting up so I've decided to dig in and finally figure out how all that stuff works. I have a LHD 1970 IIA 2.25 petrol, negative earth, with a Tex Magna-Lite turn signal on the steering column and 4-way hazard lights with a big dip switch and a light on the dash.

    I looked at the circuit diagrams in the Green Bible and the PDF on our host's website. I assume the one on RN's website is the correct one for my model because it says it is for models made to US Federal standards. It is different from what's in the Green Bible in that it has both a "hazard warning flasher unit" (#33 on the bottom diagram) and an "indicator unit flasher" (#35). Then there is a "hazard warning light switch" (#34) and a "switch and warning light for flashers" (#42). I assume "hazard" is the emergency hazard lights that flash on all 4 corners and the "indicator" refers to the turn signals. The name of #42 is ambiguous but it looks like it's probably the Magna-Lite unit.

    But when I look in the dash, I can't tell which is the hazard flasher unit and which is the indicator flasher. I assume the hazard flasher is the round tin can that (at least in my truck) is located behind the small dash panel having the ignition switch (key). Where is the other? Some of the wires from the indicator go to a tiny box mounted on the bulkhead in the central dash panel. Is that it? And while I'm at it, where did RN's circuit diagram come from--is there a Green Bible supplement that I'm missing?
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    The best way to identify the two units is by the number and color of the wires to it. The Hazard flasher has three wires , Brown (N) , Green with Light Green Trace (GLG) and light green with a pink trace (LGK) . The signal flasher unit has two wires ,Light green (LG) and a Light green with a brown trace (LGN). I would expect the hazard unit to be cylindrical and the signal one rectangular
    Rover often issued supplements for items specific to particular market conditions, that didn't get into the main manual , especially if near the end of production and a reprint of the main manual. Its also possible that the Hazard flashers could have been an Importer modification from standard to meet new regulations in US
    I am in the UK and was helping an owner at a Land Rover Meet in Holland with problems with his turn signal to his trailer, blowing fuses . It was a LR Defender 90 originally from Switzerland and had a LUCAS box connected to the wiring which I never found out what it did. It was listed in the parts book , unique for Switzerland, but not in any published wiring diagram. Fortunately it was just a wire rubbed through & shorting out & was easily fixed.
    For info. this is a list to British wiring colors & their usage.
    Hope this is of use
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