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    I recently rebuit my serie iia transmission. All gaskets are new including one at the two shafts outputs. I have leak at gearbox shaft and at transmission output at hand brake. It seems leaking along the state. What can be solutions to fix this.

    Thank you

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    Do you think the oil from the output shaft is from the the oil seal on the shaft or a joint gasket. If its the output shaft it could be a faulty oil seal or some damage to the drive flange on which it runs . Less likely but if the nut holding it is not torqued correctly, oil can work along the splines , that shows on the outside of the flange & on the outside of the brake drum. Not sure what you refer , Gearbox Shaft ?

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    By gearbox shaft, I means the output that is going to the front differential.

    I dismantled the hand brake drum. It seems the is a little bit of oil but not a lot. Based on oil on the floor it seems leaking more by the front shaft than rear one.

    The oil seems coming along the shaft.

    It is important to note that the vehicle is still mainly dismantle and has never run.

    Thank you for your help

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    Additional information. I inspected the flange at the output of the gearbox (front shaft going to the front differential). I would like to know if it is normal there is a recess of around 0.5mm at the location. it look like wear. Is the part is supposed to be perfectly uniform diameter. If it is to small it can possibly explained small leak.

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    What do you think?

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    It should be a uniform diameter with no wear mark. . You could try using a SKF Speedi Sleeve . I have not used them but other owners report good results

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    Good thank you. It is what I was thinking. Thank you for the advice for the sleeve but I will repair the piece and put it on a lathe to get the right diameter

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    If you have any of the old leather seals, they have a pretty wide lip and would probably cover that ........ you could also put a spacer on the seal to move it to a different spot but i wouldn't reduce the diameter of the shaft.

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