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    We are wrapping up a body off restoration on our '72 Series III 88". Of course there have been lots of challenges along the way. But this one is a bugger. The rear door hangs about 3/8" too low leaving almost no seal along the top. Unlike the front door, the holes for mounting the rear door in the tub and roofsides are fixed so there is no real way to adjust these doors up. I am considering machining some elongated ball bearings for use between the hinges but this seems like a kludge. Is there another way to raise the rear door?
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    I think I'd loosen all the hinge bolts and gently jack up the door with a floor jack, then tighten all the bolts. I would think there would be enough play in the door and body bolt holes to do the job.

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    i suppose you've dealt with this by now but you didn't say whether the door was square with the body or just hanging low. if it was not square with the body i'd suspect the cab is sloughed one way or the other, if it's low then it's a hinge issue. would like to know how you fixed it?

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