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Thread: Replacing 24V FFR headlamps

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    Default Replacing 24V FFR headlamps

    So - kinda curious
    OLDTOY looks like it might need new headlamps. The front grill has a touch of tin moth, and the assemblies for the headlamps are getting tired. And 24V bulbs in the $42 range?!

    Are there any options other than going full bore EX MOD FFR replacements? Can I interchangeably swap in newer Series IIA headlamp assemblies? Are the front grills any different on the FFRs? I don't have a lot of series IIAs arond the area to gawk at - so sorry if it's a stupid question.

    I'm also now seeing 24 volt LED headlights out on the interweb. Has anyone tried swapping those creatures in?


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    The MOD headlamps have special rims to fit additional filters, but generally the basic unit is a standard Lucas 7" lamp of the period. What year is your vehicle as the 2A has a number of different lamps and a picture would help. The attached is a S3 MoD Lightweight picture , if yours is the same, a standard 7" Lucas lamp with a 24V bulb could be used. If you need just a new reflector they can be got for various bulbs .
    This is a link to a UK site ( where I am based ) showing a sample of parts that are available, but there a considerably more if you search . image for larger version. 

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    The vehicle is 1966 Series IIA 88 FFR 24 Volt system.

    Here's 3 shots of the assembly in place.
    The inner reflector on the headlamp is spalling off inernally.

    Screws are obviously painted in - and will required gawd knows what (other than bourbon) to disassemble.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Does your 24 volt have little bulbs behind the headlight? For lighting in Secret operational blackout mode? The Pig tails in the photos look authentic military with male plugs instead of the typical Lucas Bullets. Bulbs are indeed expensive. Look for a 24/LED volt replacement, might be the same dollar, but hopefully would last longer,,,,
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