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    Im a newbie to the Rover community...been a fan of the SWB series IIs and IIIs for a long time...unfortunately nice ones have always been a tad bit out of my price range. Been an amateur restorer/hobbyist of old trucks and motorcycles for a long time. Going to be 55 this year and figured its now or never. Read alot before diving in so i wasnt going into totally uneducated on what to look for...price wise it had to be a project but didnt want a basket case. I recently picked up a first year early 70s III SWB. Lot of the hard works been done. Chassis and diffs have been blasted and painted in chassis black (frame had no rot), brakes done, sitting on new Parabolic springs, firewall/bulkhead is new...PO found an original one, had it dipped, found it to need one footwell replaced which he had done professionally...sealed in epoxy primer, its very well done. Has a Turner engineering motor (petrol) in it with break in done, new tires with powder coated wheels in that vanilla colored paint, new seats. so as it sits its a rolling chassis with tub on and motor in frame and bulkhead attached. Came with hard top (disassembled) with new after market aluminum door top windows, additional double lined safari roof, nice tailgate and ambulance door, safari rack, extra set of wings but for an early model with head lights in grill , original series brush guard ( which ill never use) Bonnet, doors, tub, wings/fenders all pretty nice shape....heres the kicker...its complete but nothing is tagged and there a good assembly guide out there...I will say Im not looking to do some concourse resto...just build a nice paint, assemble and enjoy. any assistance will be much appreciated. Thx much

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    Well done. A official Parts Book would be a useful guide for assembly. Its not 100% accurate but a good starting point.

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    So I will add my 2P, Start with the books, read, ask questions, focus on things that will make your truck, safe, one that will stop, drive, steer, leave color and the "fluff" for later. For instance, when I got my truck over 20 years ago it was a wreck. Would not do any of the above mentioned aspects.
    So focus on drive train, brakes, electrical, plumbing, build or buy a solid engine, transmission. Use this forum to ask questions,

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    Thanks, I have ordered one and have been scouring the internet and am quickly learning where everything goes, getting things sorted and such. thanks much

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    sounds like you have a real nice starting point there redagain, in fact i'm rather envious. fortunately you'll find most of the series stuff self explanatory as you put it together. I have done most of 2 of them myself. Sometimes i see the factory manuals available but they are harder to find. As cedryck said, don't hesitate to get on here and ask as many of us will have encountered the same challenges you are looking at.
    Try to send us some pics!!

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