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Thread: Trouble soldering bullet connectors

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    Default Trouble soldering bullet connectors

    When I want to attach a bullet connector to a wire, I put the connector into a hole in a block of wood, heat the connector and put solder into it, then I stick the wire into the molten solder - but by the time I'm done (just a few seconds) it seems like the liquid solder runs out the hole in the tip of the bullet. (I get them from British Wiring). What am I doing wrong?!
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    Well, everything... First, make all connection clean and shiny. Second, tin the wire (hold wire with pliers and add flux, heat the wire and put on just enough solder to coat the wire). Third, attach the bullet connector to the wire (while holding with pliers). Forth, heat the connector with soldering iron and add solder as needed. Job done.

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