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Thread: Rattle can bronze green?

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    Default Rattle can bronze green?

    Hi everyone-

    I read in another forum that Rustoleum Gloss Almond was a pretty good match for Land Roverís limestone color. I repainted my wheels with it and I can say it is a pretty fair match, especially considering the paint on these old trucks is often faded and oxidized. It is perhaps a bit more buttery tan in color.

    My question is whether anyone has found a decent match for Rover bronze green in a commonly available spray can? Iím obviously not terribly concerned about authenticity, Iím more looking for a quick fix. My 88Ē is already a hodge podge of parts and panels.


    1969 Series IIA 88"
    I like it because I understand how it works (mostly).

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    Its British Standard color , a paint shop could make it up

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    I have a bronze green IIA, and I gave up searching for a close off-the-shelf match years ago. I finally went to my local Sherwin Williams store and had them mix some up in spray cans for me. It's expensive compared to a can of Rustoleum, but the match is pretty much perfect.

    One color that I know is easily found off-the-shelf is Detroit Diesel Allison green, which is the correct color of your engine block. I think mine is Repli-Color brand.

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