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    New purchase, car is said to be a 88 series III,1982, but I do not think so, more like pre 1980, all four wheels are 10 inch with one adjuster. I think brake backing plates # 515405 & 515406, are for left and right side of car. It looks like someone has put the rear backing plates on wrong side of both the rear wheels. The adjusters are on the trailing shoes, where as they should be on the leading shoe, I think. Can the backing plates be installed on the wrong side, and can I just swap the rear backing plates? Is it a hard job? I have poor braking and can not adjust them correctly, also the drums do not fit flush with the hubs either. I have replaced the rear hubs for leaking, before starting on the brakes. Thanks for any help.

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    The backing plates can be fitted either side so can be just swapped over to the opposite side, the fixing bolts pattern is symmetrical, as you say the adjusters should be on the leading shoes . You would need to take the drive hubs off again to get at the backing plates but its all reasonably easy, but you have to disconnect the brakes and bleed the them again. I don't understand exactly what you mean when you say the drums don't fit flush with the hubs.

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