Hi folks,

My seats on my s3 109 are a little beat up. I'm looking at getting new seats. Exmoor deluxe are the current candidates.

I've also been looking at the various Cubby box(es) available. I don't currently have anything between the two front seats.

The question I have for any long-time Series owners is - which do you find more useful: having a center seat, or the Cubby box?

Since there's nothing locking in my Rover, I like the idea of having a center console to put stuff in that I don't want visible. Also, the drink holder is key (stick shift!!).

But, as I work on and drive my Rover, I find myself reaching across to the passenger side door a lot. And, having a center seat would make that more accessible and comfortable.

No one's sitting in that center seat, btw...maybe a dog. I gather anyone trying will get elbowed in the groin while I shift gears. So, it's more for turning the front into bench seating...some wiggle room and option to lay on it while reaching over, etc. Also, option to egress vehicle in an accident from other side, or switch driver-passenger in a hurry. I don't know, maybe I'm over thinking it. Both options not cheap. So, I want to get it right.

What do you guys think? In practice, which is overall more useful.