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Thread: Center Seat, or Cubby Box - What do you think?

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    I've always wondered why folks buy expensive seats for their rig. Why not find a good upholstery shop and have the seats redone with better foam and a good waterproof covering ? I found a really nice heavy duty new (no knockouts removed) stainless steel electric box at a salvage store for cheap. It has two latches and a place for a padlock, and is flange mounted. Maybe something like this if you're looking for a console, just add padding to the top and a cup holder, job done. In my case I had to move the overdrive lever forward, out of the way beside the transfer box lever. I have an Lt95 trans so the overdrive is a bit different (reads: huge).

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    Quote Originally Posted by roverp480 View Post
    I left it loose so it lifted out. It has a flange which rests on the seat box to support it. To be honest I cannot remember if it had any fixings
    i think it fits in there like the cover on the LH side does.

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    With the lack of security that Series truck brings, I think is is a good idea to have a locking box, for phone, money other valuable, Frankly though after experience "curious" onlookers , especially when the door tops are off in the summer, I prefer a large 70lb. Pit bull in the front seat for security reasons. Plus, I never venture far from the truck wherever I go.
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    @maerstrae: I thought about going to an upholstery shop, and I still may(mostly for color options or maybe leather, which is hard to get in kits). But, I'm inclined against it for three reasons:

    1) The foam inside. Not sure if the upholstery shop will replace the foam with new foam or just pad out the deflated bits and ripped bits. That would mean 90% of the foam would be old. So, I'd be paying like $1500 for 40 years of farts and mold(you're welcome for that visual...try to get it out of your head).

    2) I'm in SF Bay Area California. So labor rates are crazy high. Upholsterers are going to charge me $150 per hour for a job like that. Sad, but true. It's cheaper for me to get new parts online than pay a local guy to wrap $60 worth of vinyl around my seats.

    3) I may need the frame for the middle seat. Also, My seat frames are rusted and old. Probably salvagable, but I don't think Carlos at the local upholstery shop will sandblast, weld and paint my frames. He'll probably shove them back into the foam, assuming I'll never see them so why bother. But I'll will be new leather seats with 40 year old farts and rusty frames inside...and cost a small fortune.

    As far as the cubby/console: I mostly just want simple access and a cover. I don't need a safe in between the seats. If someone really wants to get in there, they will...especially with aluminum doors and body panels and flimsy sliding windows. I'm under no illusions that it's secure. I just need somewhere to put napkins, band aids, pens and that kind of thing, out of view and easily accessible while driving.
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