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Thread: speedo cable spinning in the speedo drive gear

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    Default speedo cable spinning in the speedo drive gear


    Found this thread in my research ( ), and hope to resurrect the topic; I am having a similar issue, speedo cable spinning in the speedo drive gear.

    - speedo gauge didn't work when I received the truck from prior owner
    - first I replaced the speedo cable with the LR OEM part (
    - tested with a drill and the new cable and gauge worked perfectly
    - reinstalled the cable to the transfer case after finding 3 new 2BA screws to attach the mounting plate on the cable assembly

    test drive and gauge still didn't work...

    - pulled the cable off the transfer case, and pulled out the speedo drive shaft assembly.
    - gear teeth good, but found what should be a squared off female hole to receive the speedo cable drive was striped, round...
    - found NOS speedo drive gear online (part number: FRC1536), new seals from RN and installed the "rebuilt" assembly
    - test drive yesterday and yet another failure... still no speedo gauge working.

    Today, I pulled it all out and tested the parts individually again, the issue is the speedo cable shaft is a square cable which is 0.1" square but the square hole in the drive shaft is 0.125" square... more than enough for the speedo drive shaft to spin around cable without driving the gauge.

    anyone else experience this? any solutions? do i have the wrong parts???

    thanks in advance!
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    Gee, someone posted the same question here:

    Perhaps you'll find your answer there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by erik88lr View Post
    Gee, someone posted the same question here:

    Perhaps you'll find your answer there.

    I am searching everywhere.

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    my condolances, it does appear you've done the diagnosic correctly and I agree .025 clearance on the shaft vs. drive is excessive. It's been a while since i've been into the xmission but you may want to see if the output from the xmission is actually turning the output to the cable drive!?
    and of course if the length actually engages the output after it is bolted up. (both ends) If you're doing a S3 dash it is meticulous!

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    Thank you for the support. I can confirm the speedo gear is being driven by the TM, and everything is connected/reaches behind the speedo gauge... I have done further isolated/binary tests. The dash and I have become very acquainted through this episode (and sorting out a plethora of lazy electrical BS by the prior owner).

    I need to figure out the tolerance gap. The cross post over at Guns&Rovers is sharing tape and solder/file solutions. I am also looking at adhesive shim stock or aluminum HVAC tape that is crazy thin.


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    Not sure if this is your issue, but there is a short video by Britanica Restorations on YouTube that talks about two different parts that are slightly different sizes in that area:

    Maybe you have the former and need the latter? Good luck!

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