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    Hey guys Iím in the Chattanooga Tennessee area trying to do some Offroad and broke a rear axle on my Series truck. Wondering if anybody knows any parts suppliers or enthusiast in the area that I could buy one from to save the weekend. My email is I will check it and watch for replies to this on the forum. Thanks for any help that you can offer!

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    Sorry, but you're too far from me. I've broken axles several times and have learned to keep a spare pair in the truck. I've found that since doing so they've magically stopped snapping.

    Too bad the LR parts supplier in South Pittsburg up the interstate from you a ways has closed down.

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    I have broken two, I heard at the time (1970's) it was the long freeway driving that did it because of lack of splash lube or possibly cooling issues where the halfshaft enters the differential. In well over half a million miles that was the only time i've had one break but the idea of having a spare is probably essential. A easy fix except for getting the broken part out of the diff! remember, you can use 4wd till you get it fixed too.

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