hey folks,
I needed to replace my fuel sender (my current one doesn't seem reliable below 1/2 a tank). I didn't even look at the site and just called and ordered a new Series III sender. Low and behold, what I got is different that what I have.

What I have appears to be a diesel (not surprising, I think my truck was originally a diesel in the UK). But what surprised me is that the new one wouldn't work with my current dash gauge. I assumed it was just a float actuated resistor of some kind?

But also, I wasn't too excited about dunking two exposed wires into my gas tank.

Now I see on the RN site that what I current have is the diesel neg earth which appears identical to the universal neg earth. I'm going to return what I ordered and buy the universal. But I'm curious, what's the one that I ordered and how is it electrically different from the universal one? Also do the wires, in fact, plunge into the gas and is that not a risk? I know it's 12v and all....but I'd worry a bit about some kind of short in a failure situation. \_(ツ)_/

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