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    Searching for a mechanic to do engine work to a 300tdi near west/central Pennsylvania. Any advice of a mechanic in my extended area that I could take it to, or a traveling mechanic who is willing to help me in my garage would be greatly appreciated.

    1984 90 with 300tdi that has about 100k. Was a Rover enthusiast when younger, but life happened and I kept the 90 only. Served me well for many years. Timing belt started to shread and skipped a tooth. Took it to a local garage, bought an updated cam belt kit, and they did the work. The belt never actually broke. I donít think they had the timing set correctly because it was a bit hard to get started and blew black smoke a bit. I shouldíve taken it back, but lived with it because I drove it sparingly.

    A couple years later, on a long highway trip, the turbo started whining - bad. Temp gauge inoperable. I knew it was bad, but was close to home and it was midnight, so pushed on. Water was boiling when I got home. Head cracked. Theory is, unspent fuel started burning in the turbo and over heated everything.

    I bought a new turbo and built head. Started tearing things down, but unable to get the crank pulley off. Let it sit for a couple years (just so busy). No one wants to work on it. I could do it myselt, but need guidance/motivation. Any help is much appreciated.

    Thanks, keith

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    Hey, where do you live? I can hook you up with one of my buddies. He's living in Harrisburg and one of the most talented mechanics I have ever met. He would probably accept helping you if he doesn't have too much in his hands now. I'd love to help you personally but I'm stuck at my father-in-law's property in Athens with covid...

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    Hi briscoe,

    I hope youíve a full and quick recovery. Thank you very much for your reply, it sounds promising. Iím almost three hours from Harrisburg, but willing to pay for travel time.

    PM sent ...

    thanks, keith

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    I'm looking for similar services --- not so much just a mechanic as a seasoned LR person who knows the quirks and nuances. I've got some relatively simple fixes and a few others that I don't know how to deal with, but would like to learn. Happy to pay for the time esp if I can learn something from the work.


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