Refurbished and ready to roll

1972 Land Rover Series III

Vehicle ID 25900165A

88 Wheelbase

Marine Blue

2.25 litre petrol engine

Soft top (hard top included with fixtures)

Located in Charleston, SC

Owned since 2004

Refurbishment completed November 2012. Mileage at completion 62,224

Current mileage 67,217

This Land Rover is one of the last Series trucks refurbished by East Coast Rovers before it focused solely on Defenders. “Frame off” refurbishment included new frame and stainless steel brake lines. Engine replaced with new Turner 2.25HP. Four point internal roll cage (with work light) installed and mounted to the frame for robust protection. Inertia three point seat belts mounted to the roll cage and frame. Custom Warn winch and Hella lights front bumper. The list of improvements/repairs is extensive (highlights below). Did not repaint the truck as the patina is priceless.

Since the refurbishment was completed, the following improvements or replacements have been made:
new shocks and parabolic leaf springs (2016)
new Nippondenso starter motor and stainless steel exhaust system (2016)
new fuel tank and fuel tank skid plate (2018)

Serviced on a regular basis.

Housed in a climate controlled garage (50% constant humidity). Only rust is superficial along seams of the axles – all the usual spots (sills, wings, seatbox, etc.) are clean. Rear tub floor and supports like new and rust free. Same with footwells. Minor corrosion holes in left front wheel well (see photo). Easy to repair.

Excellent cold start. Hot starts on third crank. Runs perfectly. 2 wheel and 4 wheel ranges in perfect working order. Brakes work perfectly. All electricals in perfect working order. 12 volt cigarette lighter power source for your electrical devices a nice upgrade. Speedo, fuel gauge and odometer in working order (ok, the speedometer needle bounces around but approximate is sufficient at 40mph...). Clock is the only item that is not in working order - it is stuck on Solihull time.

Refurbishment Highlights:

New galvanized frame
New Turner 2.25HP engine
Rebuilt front and rear axles end to end
Replace gear and clutch box
Replace rear drive shaft
Replac brake pipes with stainless steel pipes
New firewall
Install Mansfield heater
Fabricated and installed 4 point safari cage (works with soft or hard top)
New Warn 900 winch and Hella driving light custom front bumper
New window door tops
New window tracks (hard top)
New locking cubby box
New high back seats

Some photos. More available. Asking $24,000

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