I suppose others have installed new gaskets but I've not seen it in the forums so far but let me tell you: I've waited about 6 months till it was warm and the rubber would be soft. well, 101 F out there in the sun and yes, the rubber is soft. so am I !, i put the gasket in the window first which was pretty easy. then i put the glass into the gasket (not easy) and ended up with half the gasket outside the aluminum but eventually got that all stuffed into the hole then accidentally undid all that which was good as I was then able to align the glass/rubber/hole better.
Finally i got it all aligned in the hole and gasket and it's time to put the little strip of rubber in there. Holy Moly !! ............ i guess i have near 3 hours into it now and I've lost 5 lbs. But i have a system down where I am pushing the WD 40 slicked strip of rubber into that slot about 3/16" at a time ........ i've about a yard to go when I finally quit last night.
has anyone found a better way to do this? If I ever break one of the original windows I don't know what i'll do !!