Appreciate thoughts why I have no spark at points. I rescued an early 69 2a 88 Bugeye 2.25 petrol, negative ground, sitting for many years. It started right up and ran with a "miss". points, rotor and cap were worn bad. Dove-in with all new components - Battery, Battery cables, engine ground to frame strap, coil, cap, rotor, points, condenser. Set points at 0.15, engine turns over but will not fire now. I have run many tests with test light and Ohm mtr starting at coil and working to distributer. I even pulled the distributer and it looks tight, clean and excellent. I have by-passed the farmerized wiring and ignition switch for now and running a wire feed directly from the battery to coil (+) and (-) LT wire to the distributer has good continuity and spark when disconnected and touched to the points metal frame. Condenser and wire test and look good. Coli tests all good for primary (light-on) with 12.6vlts in and out. No spark running through the points when connected with condenser. I even tried a different set of new points...same issue. I have pulled the points and confirmed the insulating washer is under the point spring and white plastic insulator at the post is keeping the point springs from grounding out. I have run the basic Youtube ignition system tests with test light, have not intermittent blinking test light when points open and close. Stumped.