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Thread: Handheld tachometer - recommendations?

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    Default Handheld tachometer - recommendations?

    I'm looking for an inexpensive handheld tachometer to tune up my Series truck. I've never used one and most of the ones I see on Amazon only mention small engines. Can anyone recommend one that'll work on a truck --- and how do you use it?
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    tach/dwell meter probably find on e bay, hook to #1 plug wire but I generally go by sound. there is a app for your phone that's pretty accurate.

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    I've used an Innova 5598 timing light in the past on various engines, but they are not exactly cheap (~$110). I think it is probably worth the money if you are going to mess with engines though. You can use it to time an engine, measure tack, and measure dwell. One wire to hot, one to wire to ground, one wire around the #1 spark plug lead, and a fourth wire for dwell. They have good directions.

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    Back in the day, I just got one at AutoZone/O'Reilly's for like $30. I think it was a Sunbeam. If I remember right, it had a clip around the #1 spark plug wire and a smaller clip off the distributor (probably +12v power). It was about 6 inches wide and 4 inche tall... a little box. Handy to set down on the firewall or fender, but watch the fan and wires if you put it on the radiator(where it's most comfortable). I might get another, now that you mention it. It was great for carb tuning.
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