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Thread: How to identify an original North American market Series Truck?

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    Default How to identify an original North American market Series Truck?

    I'm about to acquire a Series 3 truck, and the owner is 90% sure that it was originally sold in the US. However, I just wanted to be sure about this. I apologize if this topic is covered elsewhere on the forums, but I have not been able to clearly find the answer.


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    Hi there and welcome to the forum.
    Do you have any pix of the Rover or the VIN ( chassis) number?
    This would be the best way to id the Rover.

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    Thanks Les! I'm awaiting pictures at the moment. The serial number he gave me is: 325901495B

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    The owner was off by one digit. It is actually 25901495B. I apologize if you can't view the photos very well. I'm struggling to figure out how to post photos.



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    Maybe other folks have more info, but here's what I could dig up:
    This just says "Series 3, 88inch"

    I looked in my copy of the book "Land Rover Series III, Specifications Guide" by James Taylor(ISBN: 978-1-84979-320-7) and he has this entry:
    "88inch Federal De Luxe Hard Top
    259-00001A to 259-03572A
    Petrol (4 cylinder) LHD, export"

    If you have time, you can have the British Automotive Heritage Museum look up the car and get some neat info. I did that with mine. It costs like $45, and takes about 3-4weeks. But they send you some details like original body color, options, etc. They have all the original records. You can get a little certificate, too, on their letterhead. My wife called it a birth certificate for the Landy.

    I'm sure there might be other ways to tell a NAS Rover, maybe by equipment required for import to North original seat belts or...I don't know...reverse lights. Might be able to narrow it down by original installed equipment, too.

    Good luck!

    FYI - those tin plates with the VIN number on them are not always legit. You can buy reproductions on eBay and hand stamp them. Also, they are only held on by rivets or screws.. There is a VIN stamped on the frame, just in the Right Front wheel well...on the spring hangar. You can ask for confirmation photo of that, too. Might be covered in raod grime and need some scraping...but it's there. Unless it's had a new frame fitted...which might be a good thing, depending on your goals(OEM only, or upgraded restoration, etc)
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    Thanks great information. Thanks for sending it. This truck does have a replacement galvanized chassis so I lost that data point.

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