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Thread: HD Drive Shaft Installation - U-Joint wont fit?

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    Default HD Drive Shaft Installation - U-Joint wont fit?

    Looking for advice from anyone else who had nightmares of their stock drive shaft shooting through their Disco 2 transfer case, and purchased the Heavy Duty Driveshaft.

    I actually bought mine from somebody who had the HD installed but the U-Joint went. I bought a new U-Joint but it didn't seem to fit, the caps were a tad too big. Interestingly enough, I pulled a stock driveshaft that I had on a parts rover and the U-Joint fit fine, so I put it on (It was my daily driver at the time, I get it). It be ridiculous not to use the HD driveshaft, so I'm trying to figure this out.

    Is there a more specific U-Joint I need to order for the HD draft shaft? Anyone swapped one of these out and hit the same problem?

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    I've done heavy duty shafts on the front and rear (from Lucky 8 Offroad - sorry Rovers North), not one problem. The rear was a conversion to u-joints, replacing the rubber roto-joint. There are a few folks selling HD drive shafts and they don't all use the same size u-joints. So, unless you can measure the u-joints themselves, or the area of the drive shaft where they mount, and look up the u-joint in that size, you're pretty well stuck for an answer. Or, on the off-chance you know who made or supplied the shaft you have. On these Disco 2's it's usually the front shaft that gives out and goes through (and I do mean THOUGH) the transmission (ask me how I know...).

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