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Thread: Alternator Wiring, Voltage Regulator

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    Default Alternator Wiring, Voltage Regulator

    1969 88", late model 2A, no bug eyes.

    I'm in the process of wiring up a 3-wire Delco. I marry the existing idiot light wire (previously on post "D" of the old voltage regulator to the #1 white wire (excite wire) coming from Alternator. I plan on terminating a new 10 gauge brown wire with the starter solenoid. On the same starter solenoid post I will also run a 12 gauge red wire that will act as the "sense" wire. If that doesn't sound correct please let me know.

    The other issue I have (I mean, I have many other non-rover issues) is what do I do with the other wires still connected to the voltage regulator. 2 wires coming off "A1" and 2 wires coming off "A".

    Thanks all

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    Connect all the four wires from the A and A1 together and insulate the connection . One is the power to the dash socket, one is to the interior light , one to the ignition and external lighting and the last to the feed terminal on the starter solenoid, where you are connecting the 10 gauge wire from the alternator . If you connect the warning light wire previously on the D terminal on the voltage regulator to the one from the F terminal which in turn went to the dynamo, you can use the dynamo end for the excite connection to the alternator and you don't need to run another one .
    I used this type of thing to make the A & A1 connections Name:  s-l500.jpg
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    Where did you buy these connectors?
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    I live in the UK and got them from a local Auto Electrical shop and have occasionally found them online .

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