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    I have decided to get rolling (pun intended) on my sympathetic restoration of my 1969 Land Rover Series 88. While the timing and shop accommodations are far from perfect, there's no time like the present, or whatever it is that "they" say.

    As I begin to devise a plan of attack, I figure it is best to get the ideas (questions) flowing. So, the question of the day is...

    Who makes the best galvanized chassis to replace the rusted out original chassis???

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    It's been like a month and no replies?

    I was watching this thread, because I'm curious, too!

    Maybe we all don't know the best brands because all they say is "Proline"?

    Seriously, though. It would be great to hear some real-life stories of things like bolt-holes not matching up, etc. If you're about ready to plunk down $4000...a guy wants to know things will fit. So far, with my Rover, I'm about 30% in the "doesn't fit" category for nearly everything I've bought. I'd hate to do that with a Galvanized frame, too. Literally take apart 100% of the Rover and find things won't bolt up to the frame I spent months waiting for?! That'd be a nightmare...

    At least tell us which brands to AVOID, if you folks don't have a favorite, yet.
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    Hello there,

    RN currently uses Richard's Chassis, which we have found to be the best for fit, plus the quality of
    finish (prepped ready for end user).

    Apologies in the delay of reply.


    Les Parker
    Tech. Support and Parts Specialist
    Rovers North Inc.

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