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Thread: Series 2A Not Starting After Running

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    "the surest test is to just stick your finger into the coil output, this eliminates the possibility of a bad wire .......... c'mon, don't be a weenie !!!"

    That's not a good suggestion. You want something damp, like your tongue, to guarantee good conductivity.

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    Great bunch of folks here giving good advice. I love a good puzzle!

    I don't have anecdotal experience with the Rovers, but plenty with other cars. The old adage applies here:
    "An engine needs 3 things to work:

    It has never failed me. I get sucked into throwing parts at the car like the next guy, too.

    But isolate one thing and remove it from the possible culprits. Sounds like you've nearly exhausted "Fuel". Confirm the next two.

    Some other notes:
    A)[Fuel] Pull off the big hose from the top of the carburator. Let the sucker breath. Does it smell like gas from about 1.5 feet away? It's flooded. If you can't get it started by flooring the gas while cranking, then let it sit or blow air down the carb to let the extra gas evaporate.

    B)[Air] How's your choke? If you can get it started, can you keep it going by manually messing with the air/Fuel flap? Will it stay running with no air cleaner? Maybe it's not getting enough air.

    C)[Spark] Buy an extra Spark plug($3) and bend off the tang. When it won't start, pull off the most accessible wire from the head side. Shove the dummy Spark plug into it and hold (preferably with some rubber handled pliers) the dummy plug about 1/4 inch from the head. Have a buddy crank the motor. Do you have Spark? You should see an arc going to the head.

    If either of those fail-chase down that lead.

    Good luck!
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