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Thread: Leak below clutch housing

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    I'm putting together my 1964 serie iia. Truck still not have no body part on it just engine clutch and transmission. I have a small coming between clutch housing and transmission. Currently there is oil in the engine but no oil in transmission. Oil coming out look more engine oil but I cannot really see engine oil in the clutch housing. Normally all seal are new but I may did something wrong.

    Some suggestions?


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    I think a bit more information is required. Do I take it the engine has not been run as you have no oil in the gearbox? Is the oil coming out of the flywheel housing drain hole or around the outside of the casing?

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    Older thread (but better late then never), if it isn't the rear main seal, my bet would be a leaking clutch slave cylinder. It will run into the housing and drip out with dirt and old oil as it works its way out the weep hole. Check your clutch fluid level.

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