I realize this might be like throwing a match into a can of gas/petrol...but, forums are for discussion...so let's get some discussion going!

Genuine Land Rover parts are crazy expensive. After market parts can be as much as 75% cheaper. Sometimes, that works out. But terrible aftermarket build quality, materials and fitment issues make Genuine parts the only real option other times. It's nice to know from experienced community members when to trust aftermarket, and when Genuine is the only way to go. As a new owner, I've wasted months re-ordering bad parts. So I would love advanced knowledge, here. Maybe you will, yoo.

So, post a quick scenario where you've been surprised at great quality of aftermarket parts ("Worth it!")...

...or a scenario where Rover owners shouldn't bother, and just get Genuine("Not worth it!") and a brief bit of wisdom why.