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Thread: Coolant Confusion! Which coolant for a Series II 109

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    Default Coolant Confusion! Which coolant for a Series II 109

    Hello! I have a1960 Land Rover Series II 109 (diesel) and I'm locked in an infinite loop of confusion while trying to determine the proper coolant to fill the radiator with. The confusion is borne of two competing ideas: The first: "Definitely use the green colored ethylene Glycol based coolant for your Series II Land Rover!" The second: "Check the color inside the cap and definitely use whatever the last guy used!" So, I have a 1960 Land Rover Series II (that suggests I should use the green ethylene glycol) AND the last guy used orange (which, suggests I should use the orange XLC). Any assistance here would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    I've always used the green antifreeze in my older rigs.
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    Flush out the whole system and put in Green. I wouldn't use orange (Dexcool) in anything, it's crap...

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    Greetings, Depending upon how long the previous 'Batch" was in the system you might consider the Prestone flush, it works great, just mix with water, let circulate, drain and repeat, then add your 50 to 50% mixture, it makes sense to use DI (De Ionized) water, you can buy it at a pharmacy, cheers,

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    Thank you cedryck and thanks to everyone for your responses. Solved in record time. This forum is Awesome!

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