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    a friend and I took my series 3 up to around 5,000 ft. scouting for future fire wood and found a old skid trail heading up into a promising hill side and unknown ground beyond. after about a half mile driving on this hill side, so steep the vehicle could roll if you 'mis-stepped' the ruts, but after about half a mile we intercepted a old road good enough for log trucks but it hadn't been used in years and couldn't be accessed from the only road in the area.
    a few times we had to work our way around some fallen trees but among the last before we turned around we did some real pioneering, with chain saw , shovels etc. right out of the Darien gap expeditions!!
    My friend admitted his jeep wouldn't of done it, more, that he wouldn't of even tried.
    I'll send a pic sometime of this rover ........... it's pretty beat up but you can see it gets around like a 4 wheeler!

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    Sounds good, would love to see some pictures of that outing. Sadly, that kind of activity where I live back East is far and few in between. With the Rural expansion, off road investigation is limited, and frowned upon.

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