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Thread: 1966 model 88 series IIa - what’s it worth?

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    Default 1966 model 88 series IIa - what’s it worth?

    Need some help to determine the value of my fathers Rover, one owner all original in rough condition. Runs and drives but the rear brakes need help, new exhaust, battery and used front left fender. Usual rust on the frame outriggers and other areas. I also have the rear window and a few other spare parts. Click image for larger version. 

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    Hi berrost,

    Have you looked at this part of the forum?

    You can compare yours with what people are asking.

    Another place is Ebay Motors. I only saw 3 Series II'S currently selling, and they look to be dealers($$$) and are in great looking shape. But still useful to see an end target.

    Are you looking for quick sale? Or interested in the value for considering a project?

    I'll throw out a random opinion from one guy(me), so take it with a grain of salt. As it is, now, you're probably looking at about $5,000 to $8,0000 for a running project. If you had the time and mechanical ability, you could throw some parts at it - from our hosts, or other vendors - and get it more road worthy...and probably sell it for $15k-$20k.

    These Rovers have a certain charm in "patina", paint doesn't have to be good and they can look like they've seen some trails. But, no one's going to pay over $20k for a missing fender and rusty floors. But that stuff is relatively cheap to replace. So, I'd get some choice new parts, and a little elbow grease and you could double the current estimate. But, be might end up liking it...and then you'll want to keep it.
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